I was a lexicographer at the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae in Munich, Germany (thesaurus.badw.de), funded by the Austrian Ministery of Science and Research, where I wrote entries for the dictionary (see www.neulatein.de). Since 2020 I am in retirement.

More Information

Over the years I have become more and more interested in quantitative aspects of Early Modern Latin (EML), mainly as concerns the protean phenomenon of EML language variation and change. Due to my professional formation I am mostly interested in semantics.

On a practical level, for string manipulations that are usually the prerequisite of my research I mostly use AutoIt (www.autoitscript.com), which also produces minor statistical data easily. The support of Windows 10 for Linux (WSL) has brought huge advantages for me, since I never had a machine exclusively dedicated to Linux, and double boot systems and virtual machines somehow never worked satisfactorily on the sluggish computers at my disposal. Under WSL/Ubuntu I am a happy user of local installations of Tesserae (tesserae.caset.buffalo.edu), and the Classical Language Toolkit (cltk.org) (I was overly optimistic. First I have to find out whether and how to update to Python 3.7).

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